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Easily File a Water Damage Claim

Let Capital Claims Group Manage The Claim To Get a Correct and Favorable Settlement Without any Upfront Payment. Call us at 954-874-3563

Picture this: You’re going about your day, feeling comfortable in your home, when suddenly, something catches your attention. You see a strange stain on the ceiling, hear a dripping sound, or notice a damp smell in the air.

Or you come home to a flooded kitchen, laundry room, or basement.

Water leaks are usually visible or felt only after considerable damage has been done. Leaking water pipes, faulty appliances, hot water tanks, or clogging of drains are usual culprits. But it’s not easy to tell unless you figure out what caused the damage in the first place. 

Water damage claims, especially those with inadequate documentation or unclear coverage, can be susceptible to higher rejection rates.

At Capital Claims Group, we understand the emotional turmoil you face when confronted with water damage. We also understand how to get the best settlement for your water damage claim from the insurance company.

Customer service was simply incredible. He even went up on the roof to make sure everything was done right.

“Benito is great at what he does and was very hands-on from beginning to end. His customer service was simply incredible. He even went up on the roof to make sure everything was done right.

Communication was excellent throughout the process, with quick and responsive replies to all my queries. I never felt like I was being passed off to someone else in the company, as he was always available to speak to directly.

As someone who was going through my first claim ever, I really appreciated how he walked me through the process and explained everything in detail. He was always available to take calls and even called to check in to see how everything was going.

Overall, I would highly recommend this company to anyone in need of their services. Benito was not only very professional and knowledgeable, but also a very kind person who truly cares about his customers. Thank you for the great experience!”

~ Amanda

When You Work With Capital Claims

Free Intial Consultation

Free Home and Roof Inspection

Free Insurance Policy Review

No Upfront Fees (or Hidden Costs)

Let’s Talk About Why Filing Insurance Claims For Water Damage is Such A Big Problem.

Why Filing a Water Damage Claim Can Be A Hassle

Dealing with water damage can be an overwhelming experience for any property owner. Let us guide you through the common hurdles and shed light on why filing a water damage claim can be a hassle.

Technical Documentation

Insurance companies often demand detailed evidence of the damage, including photographs, videos, and itemized inventories of affected items. Collecting and organizing this information while coping with the emotional and physical aftermath of water damage can be time-consuming and mentally draining.

Complex Policy Language

Insurance policies are notorious for their complex language and fine print. Navigating through the intricate policy clauses requires expert guidance to ensure you receive the coverage you deserve.

Negotiating with Insurance Adjusters

Once you file a claim, you will likely interact with insurance adjusters whose role is to assess the extent of the damage and determine the compensation you are entitled to. Without the right expertise and assertiveness, you may find yourself at a disadvantage during these negotiations.

Dealing with Claim Denials

Unfortunately, claim denials are not uncommon in the insurance industry. Insurance companies may dispute the cause of the water damage, argue that it falls under a policy exclusion, or simply delay the claim process without valid reasons.

Do You Need Public Adjusting Services for Filing a Water Damage Claim?

You may be thinking, “I can handle filing a water damage claim on my own.” While it’s true that you can certainly try, it’s essential to consider the complexities and potential challenges that come with the process. 

More and more homeowners and commercial property owners are turning to reliable public adjusting firms to help them with home insurance water damage or business property water damage claims.

Public adjusters are licensed insurance industry experts – just like the insurance company adjuster – but since they are hired by the policyholder, they advocate for their rights and help them obtain the settlement they actually deserve.

People who use a public adjuster to handle their claims, on average, receive a 700% higher payment!
Use The Checklist To Figure Out Whether You Need To Employ Public Adjusting Services.

Do you fully understand the coverage provided by your insurance policy for water damage?

Are you knowledgeable about the specific documentation requirements for filing a water damage claim?

Do you have the resources and ability to gather the necessary evidence, such as photographs, receipts, and repair estimates, to support your claim?

Are you confident in accurately assessing the extent and value of the water damage to your property?

Can you differentiate between primary and secondary damage, and adequately document all the affected areas?

Are you prepared to handle any disputes or challenges that may arise during the claims process?

Are you confident in navigating the complex calculations and provisions related to water damage claims?

If you answer “no” to any of these items, it may be beneficial to seek the assistance of a public adjuster for your water damage claim.

He got me funds for a new roof quicker than I could ever get by myself.

I found Benito Paul on facebook and contacted him because my roof was leaking and he came over as soon as possible.

He got me funds for a new roof quicker than I could ever get by myself.

He’s excellent, thorough, professional, personable and he’s the way to go!

~ Deborah Goodheart

Benito: Our number one goal is to help our clients and make sure that the insurance company does their part. We helped her file the claim and walked her all the way through the claims process. We got the claim open and closed within 35 days and we got her paid. Now she has a brand new roof.

Capital Claims: How We Deal With Water Damage Claims

Our public adjusting process simple and straightforward, and we put your best interests first:

Insurance Policy Review

We’ll start by digging into the details of your homeowners’ insurance policy. Our expert public adjuster will thoroughly assess it to figure out the best way to help you recover as quickly as possible.

Site Assessment

Using the latest technology and tools, we’ll swing by your property for an in-person inspection. We want to get a clear picture of the physical losses you’ve suffered and estimate the costs of repairs. Don’t worry, we’ll handle all the nitty-gritty work.

Document Evidence

During our on-site visit, we’ll snap photos of everything affected by the fire damage. These photos become solid proof to back up our estimates when we present your claim to the insurance company. It’s all about making sure you get the correct compensation you deserve.

Professional Communications

Let us handle the hassle of dealing with your insurance company. Our skilled public adjusters will take charge of all the communication on your behalf. We’ll navigate the paperwork, engage in discussions, and negotiate with them, making the process as smooth as possible for you.

Negotiate for the Correct Settlement

Insurance adjusters can be tricky to deal with, but we won’t back down. We’re here to deal with every single communication, and negotiation, and settle only for a fair amount. 

Don’t Wait Any Longer - Contact Capital Claim Group Today

For help getting the right settlement so that you can restore your property to its original state, contact Capital Claims today. 

Remember, insurance agency adjusters look out for the agency and try to settle a claim that best suits the agency. They are expert negotiators who may speed up the process or tangle you up in industry jargon. 

While you may contact a public adjuster at any time during the process, we advise talking to us before you contact the insurance agent. We can act as your representative and negotiate on your behalf without you having to worry.

Capital Claims Group was absolutely phenomenal and your services were impeccable.

I had confidence in you to get the job done.

You said it was a little different from the norm.

But in the end I’m very happy with the work that you did.

Capital Claims Group was absolutely phenomenal and your services were impeccable.

Everything that I expected and even more came through from you.

I’m a very happy customer. Thank you!

~ John