How Roofers and Public Insurance Adjusters Can Work Together

The claims communication process between insurance companies, contractors, and homeowners post-disaster is a complex and often frustrating one.

As professionals in the industry, roofers witness firsthand the challenges homeowners face when insurance estimates fall short of the true restoration costs.

At its core, everyone wants the same thing: to restore a damaged property to its pre-loss condition. But as any seasoned roofer knows, navigating insurance claims can be a challenge.

That’s where a public insurance adjuster like Capital Claims steps in, making the process seamless and helping homeowners get the correct settlement for their claim.

Here’s how we can help.

1. Negotiating Insurance Claims on Behalf of Your Clients

Insurance companies have established schedules for estimates, which, as you’re likely aware, often fall below what’s necessary to meet manufacturers’ guidelines.

What’s even more challenging are the provisions where insurance companies won’t cover future damages resulting from incorrect installation.

Roofers, understandably, are not authorized to negotiate with insurance companies.

And while homeowners could, many are hesitant or lack the skills and knowledge to argue their case effectively.

This is precisely where Capital Claims shines. We negotiate on behalf of your client.

2. Advantage of Roofing Experience

Capital Claims is not just any public insurance claims adjuster. Our team boasts invaluable roofing experience.

We know what to look for during inspections and due to our experience, often spot things that other adjusters might miss.

We also understand the specifics of what’s required for roofing projects, from materials to labor.

This empowers us to provide comprehensive and accurate estimates – and to argue convincingly why a claim amount should be higher.

We can bridge the communication gap, effectively translating the technical nuances of roofing to insurance providers.

3. More Than Just Claims – A Partnership Rooted in Empathy, Service, and Grind

Capital Claims is built upon three foundational pillars: empathy, service, and grind.

We deeply empathize with homeowners during trying times, offering unparalleled service to ensure their needs are met.

Our commitment to grind means we don’t rest until we’ve achieved the best possible outcome for our clients.

Our clients rave about our expert advice, assistance with tedious paperwork, and prompt communication.

With Capital Claims on their side, they feel heard, understood, and empowered.

Working Hand-in-Hand with Roofers

As a roofing professional, your goal is to ensure that your projects are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and safe.

By partnering with Capital Claims, you can help your clients get the financial backing they need to achieve these goals.

A collaboration with us can also elevate your service, assuring your clients that they’re in safe hands throughout the entire restoration process.

This not only eases their burden but also strengthens the trust they place in you.

Let’s Collaborate

We’re eager to show how our expertise can complement yours.

Let’s explore ways to work together, ensuring our mutual clients receive the best care, service, and outcomes possible.

Reach out to Capital Claims, and let’s forge a partnership that stands firm against storms and adversities.