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What are Public Adjusting Services?

Public adjusting services, provided by companies like the Capital Claims Group, help policyholders settle their insurance claims for the correct amount as compensation for their losses.
Using their in-depth knowledge of insurance policies, coverage, and the claim process, public adjusters work exclusively for the policyholders to help protect their interests.
They work to level the playing field for policyholders so they may receive maximum compensation which they are entitled to under their policy. Public adjusters navigate the challenging claims process and negotiate on their behalf.

How Do Public Adjusting Services Work?

Public adjusting services work by offering policyholders assistance and representation throughout the insurance claims process. We take care of the entire process and provide expert guidance on how to maximize the claim.
Here is how public adjusting services typically work.


The process starts off with an initial consultation to gather information about property damage insurance policy details, and any evidence/documentation needed.

Examination of Property Damage

The public adjuster conducts an assessment of the damage. The property is carefully assessed to determine the extent of the damage, both obvious and hidden, and calculate the total financial loss for the policyholder.

Policy Analysis

Next, the policy is thoroughly reviewed to understand the coverage, limitations, and fine print that applies to the claim.

Claim Preparation

Depending on the property assessment and policy analysis, the public adjuster prepares the insurance claim. They compile the documentation, evidence, invoices, and photographs to support the claim.

Claim Submission

The public adjuster submits the prepared claim to the insurance company. They ensure that the claim includes all relevant details and is accurate.


All back-and-forth communications are handled by the public adjuster. They respond to any inquiries, requests for additional information or disputes.

Settlement Negotiation

The public adjuster uses their expertise and knowledge of insurance policies and claim processes to negotiate a correct settlement with the insurance company. They work to help ensure that the policyholder receives adequate compensation to cover all damages and be made whole again.


Once the agreement is reached, the public adjuster reviews all parts of the agreement to ensure the policyholder got the correct compensation. They also advise whether the policyholder should accept or reject the offer.


Once the claim is accepted, the public adjuster ensures all paperwork is promptly completed and the policyholder receives the funds in a timely manner.

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Do You Need Public Adjusting Services?

Have you recently filed a homeowners insurance claim but feel like you didn’t receive the correct payout?
Perhaps you’re not sure what’s covered under your policy or whether the insurance company adjuster was thorough enough.
If this is the case, you may need to work with a public adjuster to ensure you get the compensation your policy entitles you to.
More and more homeowners and commercial property owners are turning to reliable public adjusting firms to help them with home insurance storm damage or business property damage claims.
Public adjusters are licensed insurance industry experts – just like the insurance company adjuster – but since they are hired by the policyholder, they advocate for their rights and help them obtain the settlement they actually deserve.

People Who Use A Public Adjuster To Handle Their Claims, on Average, Receive A 700% Higher Payment!

Use The Checklist To Figure Out Whether You Need To Employ Our Public Adjusting Services.

You’re filing a large claim for high-value & significant damage to your property.

You are not sure about the assessment provided by your insurance company’s adjuster.

Your insurance company has denied your claim.

You feel your insurer underestimated your claim.

Your insurance company is telling you that your insurance policy only covers part of the damage sustained.

You are tired of the complex documentation required for the claims process.

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Capital Claims Group - Leading Public Adjusting Services

When you work with Capital Claims Group, an experienced team of industry experts work together to ensure your interests are protected. We know insurance claims like the back of our hands and can act quickly to help you recover post-damage.
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At Capital Claims, our experts have worked on 1000s of cases and understand the complexities and limitations of claims. Simply put, we have been filing claims and winning fair settlements every day since 2017!

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