What to do if your property insurance claim is denied

In the aftermath of property damage, an insurance claim denial can feel like a lingering storm cloud.

However, arming yourself with understanding and the right strategies can lead you towards a silver lining.

Here’s what you need to know (and do) when your insurance company denies your claim.

1. Understand Why Your Claim Was Rejected: Check Your Policy

Your first step is to understand the specifics of the denial.

Carefully review the insurance company’s denial letter and your policy.

Look for discrepancies and ensure that all the information is accurate. Understand the terms, conditions, and any exclusions that might apply.

Was the denial legitimate because your policy doesn’t cover the damage you sustained? Or do you believe the insurance company made an error?

In either case, it’s a good idea to consult a professional for a second opinion.

Because professional public adjusters have a lot of experience and expertise in these matters – and know exactly what to look for – they may see something that you don’t.

We offer these consultations and policy reviews at no charge.

2. Consider Hiring a Professional Public Insurance Claims Adjuster

A public insurance claims adjuster specializing in property damage can help you find the light at the end of the tunnel.

Insurance claims are often denied due to incorrect interpretation of the policy details, incorrect claim filing, or missing documentation.

For example, one of our clients had mistakenly told their insurance company that termites had caused their ceiling to fall in. Because termites weren’t covered by their policy, the claim was denied.

After inspecting the damage, we discovered that the ceiling had collapsed. Collapse was covered under the policy. We successfully reopened the claim and got them a 6-figure settlement for the damages.

If your claim was denied, a public adjuster can look after all the communication, paperwork, and details for you – including the next step of reopening the claim.

3. Apply to Have the Claim Reopened

Gather additional evidence, documentation, and any necessary information that supports your claim. This could include photographs, receipts, and expert evaluations.

Your adjuster can help you with all of this.

Call the insurance company and ask to have the claim reopened.

Clearly state the reasons you believe the denial was incorrect, reference your policy terms, and include any supporting evidence.

Your adjuster can guide you in crafting a persuasive argument that addresses the insurance company’s concerns.

Follow Procedure and Stay Informed

Adhere to your insurance company’s appeal procedure, ensuring all deadlines are met.

Stay informed about the progress of your claim and be prepared for further discussions or negotiations.

Once again, if you hire an adjuster, they will do all this for you.

Reopening a denied claim can feel daunting, but we can help

Navigating a denied insurance claim may seem overwhelming, but understanding the reasons, getting professional help, and reopening the claim can turn the tide in your favor.

At Capital Claims, we’ve successfully reopened many claims for our clients.

Our goal is to help negotiate the correct settlement – an amount that covers the damages and makes you whole again – not just what is deemed to be “fair.”

We maintain harmonious relationships with insurance companies, focusing on mutual resolution and advocating for your rightful settlement.

If you choose to engage us, you pay no money up front – we don’t get paid until you get paid.

Your first step is to book a free consultation and policy review. You can book online here: contact Capital Claims or call us at 954-874-3563. We pick up the phone!