All You Need To Know Before Filing Tropical Storm ETA Insurance Claims

If you work or live in Florida, you know that tropical storms and hurricanes (and the resulting damages) are not just another piece of news for you. These storms, usually accompanied by heavy rainfall and high winds, are quite terrifying and often leave behind considerable damage to life and property. People who are new to […]

6 Crucial Tips to File Wind Damage Claim

If your residential or commercial property sustains serious damage after being pummeled by strong winds, you will have to take care of multiple things as you go about seeking recompense for your wind damage. When you do all that is required, you can expect a favourable outcome for your efforts. But as they say, “Leave […]

Hurricane Ian: State of Insurance in Florida

Hurricane Ian has caused all possible disaster in Florida that was expected of it and it will take a while before normalcy returns in this southeastern US state that is presently marred by wrecked houses, overturned cars, heaps of debris, and uprooted trees. Loss of lives was on the cards and fatalities have happened by […]

What is Reverse Storm Surge and How is it Related to Climate Change?

Reverse Storm Surge After tackling one or two hurricanes, anyone may feel they have become a storm expert. After all, when the Met Department predicts any windstorm again, you will already know how you are to stock ration, water, gas, etc. and seek refuge during strong winds and torrential rain. The recent hurricanes in Florida […]

what to do after the storm

You will be at a loss as to what to do and where to start from when a storm causes reasonable damage to your residential property that you may have probably been asked to vacate for safety reasons. Thousands of things will swirl in your mind. You may want to know about the remedial measures […]