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Insurance Appraiser Services for Home and Business Claims

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Is your insurance company undervaluing your property damage? We can help.

If you don’t agree with your insurer on the value of your property damage insurance claim during the claim adjustment process, you have the option to invoke the appraisal clause and seek appraisal services.

Since the insurance appraisal process is legally binding in some states, the process of invoking it should be done mindfully and strategically.

An experienced and trusted public adjuster like Benito Paul at Capital Claims Group can carefully explain your possible options and rights as a policyholder.

We handle over 200 claims a year.

Capital Claims Group offers insurance appraiser services for home and business owners engaged in claim-related disputes with their insurance carriers for all types of insured loss claims.

Why Should You Choose a Public Adjuster as Your Insurance Claim Appraiser?

When you choose to invoke the appraisal services during an insurance claim dispute, you may select an independent appraisal services expert to represent your best interests in the arbitration process.

There are many professionals, who may serve as your appraiser, including general contractors, structural engineers, and attorneys, specialising in insurance claims.

A public insurance adjuster possesses a state license to represent the policyholder in the claim process and they can also serve as an appraiser.

When it comes to handling property insurance claims, they are undoubtedly the best option since they have in-depth experience handling damage claims and assessing property-specific losses due to fire, storm, flood, vandalism, theft, etc.

Moreover, a public adjuster is a budget-friendly alternative to hiring a lawyer.

Benito Paul – Your Trusted Insurance Claim Appraiser in Florida

If you think you have been underpaid, hire one of the best public adjusters and appraisal services experts to get you what you are entitled to.

As an experienced public adjuster, who has worked in the insurance sector for years, Benito Paul is familiar with the intricacies of the insurance appraisal process.

Benito Paul is committed to protecting your rights as a policyholder throughout the appraisal process, so you can obtain the best value possible.

Our Approach to Insurance Claim Appraisals


In-depth analysis of all claim-specific materials and supporting documents


Creation of damage assessment and estimate to back the analysis and investigation


As your chosen insurance appraiser, Benito Paul will present the findings to the other party


Reassessment of losses using the latest infrared & claim-related technology


Consultation with engineers, contractors, and other professionals to ensure the availability of all necessary records to support the claim

Benito Paul has settled many policyholder disputes through the appraisal process with outstanding results for his clients, eventually enabling them to restore their property and bring their lives back on track.

Capital Claims Group - Leading Public Adjusting Services

When you work with Capital Claims Group, an experienced team of industry experts work together to ensure your interests are protected. We know insurance claims like the back of our hands and can act quickly to help you recover post-damage.
Here is what sets us apart:


At Capital Claims, our experts have worked on 1000s of cases and understand the complexities and limitations of claims. Simply put, we have been filing claims and winning fair settlements every day since 2017!

Customer Service

We understand what it feels like to be hit by a natural or man-made disaster & care for you as our own. We know life can come to a grinding halt & you may be dealing with millions of issues, so we take care of the one that can help you settle back everything in place.


Our background in roofing and construction allows us to see what others miss. We are here to look out for you!

He handled everything for us. We had a fantastic outcome. He's a saint!

We called up Mr Benito Paul here and from the get-go he walked around my house and he told me hey I can help you out no problem.
It’s been a fairly easy process. He handled everything for us. Met with all the people, all the inspectors that needed to be taken care of.
We had a fantastic outcome. What can I say? He’s a saint. I think God sent him to us. Things happen for a reason and we love him.
It feels wonderful. Things are getting ready to get fixed. I’m calling people and lining stuff up. We’ve got a little bit of work ahead of us but we’re gonna get it done! I recommend you – thank you so much! Call Benito, he’s great – he’s a man of his word.