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What Sets Capital Claims Group Apart?

Dealing with an insurance claim on your own is an overwhelming experience; you deserve a partner who understands that. Capital Claims Group is

Easy to Reach

We are ready to answer your questions whenever you need..

Focused on Streamlining the Process

We file insurance claims every day and have streamlined the entire process.

Proactive & Smart

We are always on the hunt for the best way to get our clients the best settlement.

No Upfront Payments

We’ll help you get the best settlement because we don’t get paid unless you do.

Why Capital Claims Group?

Creative Problem

It seems there’s no such thing as a “standard” damage claim settlement process. Each damage is unique depending on your policy, our public adjusters are creative about how to get you the right settlement.

Background in Roofing & Construction

We go the extra mile to learn about the damage you’ve faced and are able to assess the repairs needed, thanks to our extensive experience in the roofing and construction industry. If we don’t think that you are getting what you need to settle back, we will keep negotiating.

Ensuring Fair & Correct Settlements

When you choose Capital Claims, you’re not just hiring the best public adjusters in Florida, you’re gaining an ally who will work tirelessly to negotiate your interests. Many times, clients end up saving hundreds and thousands of dollars in potential legal fees, thanks to unparalleled diligence.

About The Founder

Benito Paul

From Licensed Contractor in the Construction Industry to the Top Public Adjuster in Florida – Benito Paul is Dedicated to Helping People and Delivering Exceptional Service
Benito Paul started his career as a construction industry laborer in 2008 only to earn his construction license 8 years later, in 2015. Fuelled by ambition and an unyielding pursuit of knowledge, Benito obtained his state roofing license in 2020, further solidifying his expertise in the field.
Thanks to his extensive experience as a licensed General Contractor and Roofing Contractor, Benito possesses an unparalleled understanding of property damage assessment.
Armed with this in-depth knowledge, he can fearlessly represent his client’s interests, skillfully negotiating with the industry’s leading insurers.

Customer service was simply incredible. He even went up on the roof to make sure everything was done right.

Benito exceeded my expectations in every way. When I first contacted him, I had no time or patience to deal with the insurance claim on my own. What sold me on his qualifications was his unique background, and I’m glad I scrutinized him before getting him to take on my case.
~ Amanda

Millions of Dollars in Settled Claims Over the Past 11 Years

With nearly a decade of industry experience under his belt, Benito Paul isn’t just an exceptional property insurance adjuster; he’s the preferred claim consultant in Florida. Through his diligent efforts, he has successfully settled claims worth millions of dollars for both residential and commercial property owners.
In the wake of devastating hurricanes like Irma and Michael, Benito has tirelessly worked to provide relief for those affected. Having written estimates for over 600 claims stemming from these catastrophic events, Benito puts his client’s interests at the forefront.
But this is not why his clients love working with Benito. It’s the excellent customer service and commitment to serve them that sets Benito apart. He ensures he explains the process, responds to queries, and keeps the process 100% transparent.
“Capital Claims Group secured a payout for our hurricane damage that was 600% greater than was offered to us by our insurance company.”
~ Peter Styles

Navigating Insurance Claims Is Complicated- But, It Doesn’t Have to Be…

We understand that dealing with insurance agencies is challenging, but we do it every day – trust us.
As the experts, we negotiate and settle your claims so that you can have the peace of mind you deserve.