6 Crucial Tips to File Wind Damage Claim

If your residential or commercial property sustains serious damage after being pummeled by strong winds, you will have to take care of multiple things as you go about seeking recompense for your wind damage. When you do all that is required, you can expect a favourable outcome for your efforts. But as they say, “Leave it to experts.” So, it will not be wrong to say that the matter at hand is the prerogative of a public adjuster cum claim expert like Benito Paul who you can think of hiring if you lack confidence or time and wish to get the highest possible reward. He will already be in the know about the things we will discuss.

Meanwhile, here are 6 crucial tips to file a wind damage claim:

1. Get in touch with your insurer ASAP

Do not waste any time in providing your insurance company with both your policy and contact details. Give a phone number and an email ID that will never cease to be operational. You should know that windstorm insurers prefer to visit the places that have been damaged most after a storm. You will be expected to provide a true account of the magnitude of the damage. If your family has special needs, highlight it so that you are given more priority. Find out when your insurer will send their adjuster so that you can do all the homework.

If your property has sustained some major damage that is likely to worsen and cause further damage, your claim could be given more consideration.

2. Write down all your losses

To get a check from your insurer for repair, replacement, and rebuilding, you will have to take pictures and provide the details of the broken and spoiled belongings in black and white, including purchase date and estimated cost, and even furnish receipts if they are not misplaced. Many insurance companies are used to asking for a complete list of damaged items.

Even after your claim has been settled, if you learn about items that you forgot to include in your initial list of losses, contact your insurer. If your entire coverage limit is not exhausted for the items in question, you may get an extra payment from your insurer.

Chances are that because of the ongoing pandemic, your insurance adjuster may prefer a virtual walk-through and accept the photos and videos you take through your smartphone.

Write down those places whose photos you were unable to click.

3. Discard wisely

There is a possibility that the local municipality may insist you discard certain items for safety reasons but you should not be hasty in doing so. Before disposing of hazardous items, you must at least take pictures of them, which will come in handy in the claims process.

You may be given the liberty to carry out temporary repairs.

Some insurers are kind enough to send clean-up crews but you have to make sure that your damaged items are not disposed of. The solution lies in documenting everything.

4. Register for SMS alerts

If your insurance company offers SMS alerts to its clients, do avail of this facility. You will be sent a message when your claim is filed, an estimate is offered, or a payment is made.

5. Inquire about emergency services

Insurance companies may even send an authorized emergency service company to protect your property. To see whether your insurer has any provision if say you have to get rid of stagnated water or cover your roof, doors, or windows. If your insurance provider really believes in being a troubleshooter, it may even send you a check for your extra living expenses if your property becomes uninhabitable.

Several policies include reimbursement for storage charges that you may have to bear until your property is restored.

If you are required to stay in another lodging, you must keep a record of all receipts and expenditures. Homeowners’ and renters’ insurance also has limited coverage for expenses such as food, rent, installation of utilities, and transport.

If your four-wheeler sustains damage while it is parked in your garage, it will probably be covered by your car insurance. And if you are eligible to seek coverage from two companies, you should approach both to file a claim.

6. Record everything

You can keep a record of everything that may hold any kind of significance in your claim process. Be particular about the date, time, name, etc. and your organized approach could simplify and expedite your quest for remunerations against property damage.

Do not be coerced into agreeing to a settlement. If you have differences, you must try to resolve them with your insurance company.

You may not get your entire claim amount in one go. You may initially be given an emergency advance and some extra living costs. Following that, you will receive the proper recompense for your damaged property.

If you need to hire contractors for your repairs, look for references and only hire those who are licensed or registered. Ask for a written estimate prior to the commencement of repair work and refrain from finalizing any contract until the insurance adjuster has not inspected the damage.

If the cost of the damage sustained by your property is in excess of your coverage, federal agencies are likely to give you grants or offer loans at low-interest rates to help you cope with your loss.

You must maintain a separate claim diary that will help you simplify your wind damage claim. It will not be a bad idea to jot down the name of each representative you speak with.

Along with receipts, you can also try unearthing old photographs and appraisals of costly belongings that will help you get a better offer from your insurance company.

Chances are you may have already started to feel bogged down by the number of things you have to be mindful of while filing a wind damage claim. As mentioned earlier, a seasoned claim expert will be cognizant of all the above information that may seem completely unheard of to you. And the probability of you getting your money repaid a lot faster and to a greater extent will be higher when you hire a public adjuster like Benito Paul. He is counted among the leading wind damage claim experts in Florida. Having handled numerous property damage claims, Benito will be happy to help you as you come looking for the most qualified public adjuster. This will enable him to be the right counterpart for your insurance adjuster.